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How To Be: Scorpia

One of my favourite things about media is the way that just because I don’t like a work or a show or a plot or whatever it doesn’t have to mean I don’t like or won’t have a reason to be interested in something in that. Moments, scenes, characters, dialogue, all sorts of small things […]

How To Be: Sheik

It’s June, it’s Fox’s birthday month, and it’s pride month, which means I have to find a character who’s some variety of queer, and also one of Fox’s favourite characters. The good news is that every single one of Fox’s favourite characters is queer, because they’re her favourite characters, and that’s how that works. I’m […]

How To Be: Kyo Kusanagi

Buckle up Dweebenheimer it’s time to KING THE FIGHTERS! Examining Kyo I’m gunning for a lot of semi-blank slates, aren’t I? Kyo Kusanagi is a character from the SNK game franchise King of Fighters which has been going more or less yearly since 1994. During that time, Kyo has had his father kidnapped, fought his […]

How To Be: Zelgadis

There’s always going to be a challenge when you translate a character from a game into a different medium. These How To Be articles are about the process of taking a character represented in a fictional form and move them across into the game so that you can connect with their concept in a mechanical […]

How To Be: Kuchiki Rukia (in 4e D&D)

In Bleach, one of the most central characters to the early narrative is one Rukia Kuchiki. Introduced in the first episode, she is the bridge of our previous point-of-view character into the spirit world as an outsider. Rukia is this sort of mix of gremlin energy, ostentatious self-importance due to her noble heritage, and very legitimate expertise in spiritual matters.