Unarmed Expertise
Natural Weapon Implement Variant Weapons Category
Natural Weapons Weapons Category
Unarmed Weapons Weapons Group
Wall Crawler
Armoured Cavalry Specialisation
Shining Steed
Familiar Study
Mindful Blink
Beneficent Blink
Scattered Focus
Greening Bleed
Fathomless Green
Bear Down
No Chances
Better Unlucky
Face Biter
Baleful Beam
Skulking Phantom
Skilled Deflection
Second Sight
Reflexive Blink
Pickpocket’s Portal
Intuit Direction
Flickering Phantom
Fey Sight
Dream Weaver
Beast Speaker
Bare the Bones
Heartless Vindicator
Vicious Vindicator
Perfect Violence
Dread Visage
Symbol of Wrath
Symbol of Emptiness
Withering Rage
Merciless Right
Paladin (Vindicator)
Avatar of the Beast
Tower of Emptiness
Pyre of Rage
Righteous Defiance
Hungering Void
Definitive Smite
Consuming Smite
Grim Resolve
Grim Aversion