Armoured Cavalry Specialisation Paragon Con 15, Str 15, proficiency with scale armour
Bare the Bones Heroic Firbolg, proficient with hide armour
Bear Down Paragon Firbolg
Beast Speaker Heroic Pooka
Beneficent Blink Paragon Gruuwar, gruuwar blink heritage power
Better Unlucky Heroic Pooka
Dream Weaver Heroic Pooka
Face Biter Heroic Size small or smaller
Fathomless Green Heroic Firbolg
Fey Sight Heroic Fey orgin
Flickering Phantom Paragon Gruuwar, gruuwar blink heritage power
Giant’s Frame Heroic Firbolg
Greening Bleed Heroic Firbolg
Haunting Harrier Paragon Pooka, pooka's pursuit power
Intuit Direction Heroic Pooka or Firbolg
Mindful Blink Heroic Gruuwar, gruuwar blink heritage power, defender
Namekeeper Heroic Gruuwar
No Chances Heroic Pooka
Pickpocket’s Portal Heroic Gruuwar
Reflexive Blink Heroic Gruuwar, Gruuwar blink heritage power
Scattered Focus Heroic Gruuwar
Second Sight Heroic Pooka or Firbolg
Seeming Heroic Firbolg
Shining Steed Paragon Paladin, call celestial steed power
Skilled Deflection Heroic Firbolg
Skulking Phantom Heroic Gruuwar
Wall Crawler Heroic Gruuwar