Hear, hear. Yeah, people ask me why I like D&D.

The main reason is because it works. Yeah, sometimes I like to step away from the rules and improvise something and just do what I want, but sometimes I don’t and then I just want the game to work.

People compare it to video games or board games, but they don’t realize that part of the reason those comparisons even sort of hit is because video games and board games have to work. No one can decide for themselves how to handle a major failing in a video game: if the designers didn’t cover it, it’s not an option, even if one can make do somehow. And most people don’t want to sit an figure out how to make a board game work that doesn’t. For some reason, people don’t expect that from their RPGs, but they can and should, and the designers of 4th Edition let people expect it.

I like 4th Edition because I can be the people depicted in the art. I started with the Mentzer Red Box and starting with the cover and throughout all of BECMI there were images of characters that I couldn’t be, in situations that didn’t make sense. Who is that unarmored warrior? Who is that person blocking dragonbreath or a spell with a shield? Who is that wizard who seems to have an infinite number of slots for Mage Hand and Prestidigitation? No one, is the answer. Players couldn’t be that. It’s rare to see an image in 4th Edition that represents a scene a player couldn’t actually engage in.

What is that table you mention? I don’t recall seeing it, and I’d like to.

Finally, speaking of 3.5, did you notice that the warrior in the picture you use of the party entering the cave is Regdar?