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How To Be: Some Jojo (in 4e D&D)

And now, it’s time to engage with something that is a challenge on two axes: First, the challenge presented by unpicking what it even means to make it, and second, the challenge of dealing with the standard memetic conversation that unrolls when you bring it up. We’ve been a Touhou. We’ve been an Ukyou. And […]

How To Be: Kuchiki Rukia (in 4e D&D)

In Bleach, one of the most central characters to the early narrative is one Rukia Kuchiki. Introduced in the first episode, she is the bridge of our previous point-of-view character into the spirit world as an outsider. Rukia is this sort of mix of gremlin energy, ostentatious self-importance due to her noble heritage, and very legitimate expertise in spiritual matters.

How To Be: May (in 4e D&D)

You may remember that we’ve looked, earlier in the year, at the character Rock Howard, from Garou: Mark Of The Wolves. Fight games are rich fodder for this kind of exercise because they so often about what a character is and less about what the character does. Simply put, fight games don’t make much sense. […]