This content is actively under development, and subject to change without notice. Basically this is a workspace we’re using to develop content, so nothing here should be considered “final” unless it appears in some completed book or supplement we release.

While this site is for general content, we also develop setting-specific content. Currently Fox’s setting Skies of Escarnum is available as a similar website.


This content is provided free for personal use.

Obviously we don’t want anybody else to publish this material or take credit for it. This includes re-using individual elements (like illustrations) and making derivative works. For your private games, obviously you can use/alter/remix as much as you like.


We are not actively soliciting critique, but discussion is welcome if you feel so inclined. Please, feel free to share your thoughts.


This content is available for HeroLab, if that’s useful to you. Drop Fox a note at fox@munchlax.org and she’ll be happy to share.

We are also working on an Square Fireballs content module for Foundry VTT, our current virtual tabletop of choice. Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested!


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