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The Square Fireball is a place for Invincible Ink (otherwise known as Fox and Talen Lee) to develop and share our homebrewed 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons content.

Here you’ll find new content, ideas, fixes and houserules, and whatever other content we decide to produce. Sometimes we’ll be back-porting things we like from newer editions, or bringing back something from yore that didn’t quite make it into our favourite version. Sometimes we’ll be bringing something entirely new that doesn’t fit as core content of our self-contained campaign settings, like Skies of Escarnum.

Why 4th Edition? Because that’s the one we love. Mostly this is just stuff we’ve made for our group to use, but why not share it with the greater 4e community since we can?

Compendium Content

Recent Compendium Additions

hen an enemy adjacent to you is reduced to 0 hit points by an ally of yours, you are also considered to have reduced that enemy to 0 hit points.

During a skill challenge, you can spend a round to negate the effect of a previous failed check (reducing the group’s total number of failures by one). Other consequences of the failed check still apply.

[Defender] You gain a +2 shield bonus to AC and Reflex while you wield a two-handed weapon using both hands.

Recent Blog Articles

How To Be: The Animorphs

One way or another, I'm going to find a way to make a build for How to Be that involves the druid, and if this is how we do it, this is how we do it.

Ozu Feats!

Just a quick note to announce the addition of a bunch of ozu feats to the Square Fireball compendium!

How to Be: Eda Clawthorne

When you look at what Eda can do, the answer is 'witchy stuff.' As in 'lots of witchy stuff.' As in 'almost anything you can do with magical effects, witchy stuff.' In a setting with a strictly definable set of magical schools, Eda skids all around through them and can do almost anything in that…