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The Square Fireball is a place for Invincible Ink (otherwise known as Fox and Talen Lee) to develop and share our homebrewed 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons content.

Here you’ll find new content, ideas, fixes and houserules, and whatever other content we decide to produce. Sometimes we’ll be back-porting things we like from newer editions, or bringing back something from yore that didn’t quite make it into our favourite version. Sometimes we’ll be bringing something entirely new that doesn’t fit as core content of our self-contained campaign settings, like Skies of Escarnum.

Why 4th Edition? Because that’s the one we love. Mostly this is just stuff we’ve made for our group to use, but why not share it with the greater 4e community since we can?

Compendium Content

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[Heritage] When you use your gruuwar blink power, you can instead choose to swap places with a willing ally within 2 squares (you teleport both yourself the ally).

[Heritage] When you use your gruuwar blink power, you can choose to teleport an adjacent ally instead of yourself.

[Heritage] If a willing ally (without coercion and with knowledge of what you are) shares their true name with you, you can keep and protect it. While you are keeping somebody's name, you get a +2 bonus to skill checks made to locate that person, and you gain a +1 bonus to speed as long…

Recent Blog Articles

4e: Methods & Practice

Here’s a valuable lesson for tabletop RPG designers of all kinds I want you to learn from 4th edition D&D. I’ve been brewing on it for a while and I think I can summarise it cleanly thus: Methods & Practices should not be Entangled.

Rule of Threes: Designing a 4e Pooka

When I first decided to stat up the fuzzy firbolg for 4th Edition, I knew I wanted to follow it up with the gruuwar. But I had always intended for there to be a third "true fey" in the lineup too.

How To Be: Disney’s Robin Hood (in 4e D&D)

This month, I felt it was time to approach the challenge from a different angle, of taking something with an obvious, easy, simple solution and then exploring around that. And for that, we’re going to look at a classic character, a character who’s so well known we don’t even remember we’re referencing him when we…