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The Square Fireball is a place for Invincible Ink (otherwise known as Fox and Talen Lee) to develop and share our homebrewed 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons content.

Here you’ll find new content, ideas, fixes and houserules, and whatever other content we decide to produce. Sometimes we’ll be back-porting things we like from newer editions, or bringing back something from yore that didn’t quite make it into our favourite version. Sometimes we’ll be bringing something entirely new that doesn’t fit as core content of our self-contained campaign settings, like Skies of Escarnum.

Why 4th Edition? Because that’s the one we love. Mostly this is just stuff we’ve made for our group to use, but why not share it with the greater 4e community since we can?

Compendium Content

Recent Compendium Additions

When you make a stealth check at the end of an action where you teleported, you can treat concealment or cover as full concealment or superior cover for the purpose of becoming hidden.

You gain a heritage bonus to all defenses against ranged and area attacks. The bonus equals +1 per tier.

You gain a +4 heritage bonus to skill checks made to disguise yourself. At any time, you can choose to appear as your normal height, or that of an average human. This is an illusion effect; your actual height and game statistics do not change.

Recent Blog Articles

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Did you ever get something in D&D so wrong that you just had to keep going and never look back? That's the story of today's 4e heritage glow-up, the gruuwar.

Features for Family

Today I'm going to talk about a few minor variant class and heritage features I banged out while putting together some 1st-level PCs for a game with my niblings and sister-in-law.