Heartless Vindicator
Vicious Vindicator
Perfect Violence
Dread Visage
Symbol of Wrath
Symbol of Emptiness
Withering Rage
Merciless Right
Paladin (Vindicator)
Avatar of the Beast
Tower of Emptiness
Pyre of Rage
Righteous Defiance
Hungering Void
Definitive Smite
Consuming Smite
Grim Resolve
Grim Aversion
Avatar of Wrath
Avatar of Emptiness
Manifest Darkness
Inspire Discipline
Glimpse of Emptiness
Glimpse of the Beast
Utter Callousness
Unfettered Rage
Reckless Pursuit
Darkness Revealed
Regimented Recovery
Wrathful Strike
Callous Strike
Grim Smite
Warded Soul
Wand of Assurance
Wand of Destruction
Tome of Distraction
Staff of Grounding
Staff of Consumption
Orb of Shrouding
Orb of Guidance
Tome of Study
Implement Versatility
Phoenix Sorcerer
Sea of Calm
Haunting Harrier
Pooka’s Pursuit
Many Masks