Natural Weapon Implement Variant

This variant revises the natural weapon category with a version based on the monk unarmed strike. After the first paragraph, replace the remaining text with the following:

“When you make a weapon attack, you can use any suitable natural weapon with which you are proficient. You must have a hand free to use a natural weapon, and most natural weapons are also in the unarmed group, allowing you to continue using your hands for holding or grabbing while you wield them. Natural weapons can never be removed (stolen, confiscated, etc.) or destroyed.

You cannot enchant a natural weapon. However, if you wield a magic ki focus, your natural weapon(s) can use the enchantment on that ki focus as if the weapon were enchanted. When you gain proficiency with a natural weapon, you also gain proficiency with the ki focus implement.”

Last updated: 28 August 2023
First added: 31 March 2023